Angling in Karup Stream

Angling in Karup Stream

Hessellund Sø-Camping is situated at Karup Stream, which meanders through a very beautiful nature from Skyggehale to Skive.

Karup Stream and the 3 large put & take lakes at the campsite is a real paradise for enthusiastic anglers. Here it is possible to have a good catch of sea trouts and at the same time to enjoy the beautiful nature.

The stream Karup Å is a paradise for anglers and is famous for the sea trouts

The camper guests have free fishing rights to 3 km of the Karup Stream – just next to the campsite – so it is easy to get started with the angling. Other guests have to pay DKK 60 per day.     

You can also have fishing cards for other stretches at Karup Stream – both up and down the stream. Buy them on

All anglers between 18 and 65 years must have a valid national fishing licence for angling in Denmark, EXCEPT THE PUT & TAKE lakes. 

So don’t forget to bring your compulsory national fishing licence with you

- buy it on:


Put & take – a nice family event!

Hessellund Sø-Camping has no less than 3 Put & take lakes

The 2 smallest ones are connected and very good for the children. Price for the fishing card: DKK 35 per day and maximum 2 fishes.

Karup Stream Lake-fishing

Is the 3rd lake and the largest one. Is situated in a quiet and beautiful nature. The lake is approx. 5,000 m2 with a depth of 2-3 metres.

We put out beautiful rainbow and brown trouts. Weight 1-7 kg.

Guests from outside may also use this lake for angling.

Fish and barbecue

Go fishing…and then put them on the barbecue....

Having your catch, you need to cook it or even better put in on the barbecue.

We have placed the kitchen for cleaning fish and the fish room centrally at the campsite and you can buy the accompaniments in the kiosk.

Then we just have to say: May you enjoy it!

It is also possible to freeze your catch if you prefer to bring it home with you after your Holiday.     

Priser - Put&take                                                                                                      

Per fishing rod
Free fishing

  Family card
1 rod per person
(Valid for parents with their own children under the age of 16)
1 - 2 hours kr     80,00  
3 hours kr   100,00 kr   300,00
5 hours kr   150,00 kr   400,00
Day card
(valid on date of purchase)
kr   225,00 kr   575,00
24-hour card kr   250,00 kr   700,00
2-day card
(valid on date of purchase and following day)
kr   325,00 kr   800,00
(valid from Friday at 15.00 to Sunday at 18.00)
kr   400,00 kr   900,00
7 day card kr   975,00 kr 2000,00
14 day card kr 1600,00 kr 3450,00


Cleaning the fishes

Top modern rooms where you can clean your fishes